Best Registered Agent Services Online 2022 - Top 5 Reviewed & Rated

Do you need the best-registered agent service provider to help you meet important filing deadlines? There are hundreds of corporations offering registered agent services around the world. These are trained and experienced service providers who act as legal authorities on behalf of your home address. They will receive legal documents on behalf of your business address and help with state filings.

With many firms offering registered agent services, you need to select the best possible one for your business. We have reviewed the best and good standing companies that suit varying business needs. This article compares the top registered agents in 2021, highlighting their features advantages, and disadvantages. The discussion will help small business owners with LLC formation.


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5 Best Registered Agent Services 2022

Zenbusiness has a plethora of features to help a business owner set up a corporation. They come with a free dashboard for easy LLC setup and management. Their straightforward pricing model includes $49 in the basic package with state fees per year.

Zenbusiness has ranked as one of the best LLC formation solutions for small business owners. It offers fast and affordable business incorporation services. The company has established a loyal customer base despite being new in the industry. It has exceptional customer service with a personalized dashboard to track your progress. They offer a cost-effective means of establishing a corporation while incorporating social responsibility.

2. IncFile

Incfile registered agent service offers the quickest and most affordable offerings. They are entrepreneur favorites based on package value and affordability. They have served thousands of customers, providing state filing help during normal business hours. 

Incfile has been in the industry for a little while, thus accumulating priceless experience regarding LLC formation procedures. It is one of the popular agents registered in terms of value and affordability. The company has a learning center that contains information on LLC formation. Their convenient registered agent dashboard allows business owners to track and access important business documents. 

3. NorthWest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered agent has offered LLC incorporation services since 1998. The company is known for its exceptional customer service and knowledgeable staff. Business owners and entrepreneurs receive an online account to access important business documents.

This company has served thousands of customers with LLC formation. It has offices in all 50 states and Puerto Rico, offering quick formation solutions through dedicated representatives. They will locally scan every document based on your state and offer data protection and compliance solutions. The company has maintained an impressive track record with both online and physical addresses. A series of positive customer reviews are a testament to its excellent customer support.

4. Betterlegal

If you find it easier to trust a company with brand power or a large volume of customers, Betterlegal is the right choice. 

Betterlegal was established with an aim of making business formation and legal services widely available by taking them online. This goal was achieved in 2001 when they launched ten web-based products that focused on business formation services, estate planning, and intellectual property protection.

Because of its variety of services, it is one of the most popular services that have helped more than 4 million people and businesses in various ways. This number includes forming more than 2 million businesses. 

The company’s entry-level package is reasonable, though not packed with features like those of ZenBusiness and IncFile. Even worse, it doesn’t include the registered agent service in any of their packages. 

However, we loved the company-wide additional services that have attracted a large volume of customers over the years. Being a large company, we were not shocked to come across a lot of online reviews characterized by a mixed reaction among users.

5. RocketLawyer

RocketLawyer Offers high-quality legal solutions and advice during business hours. It is one of the recognized firms for ongoing resident agent service.

RocketLawyer offers legal assistance with attorney consultations and personal legal forms. They have positive customer reviews for the variety of products offered. The copyright 2020 rocket lawyer Incorporated provides a full year of free registered agent service if you subscribe to their accelerated legal service plan. Some services include government documents such as franchise tax forms. 

This is what makes them enjoy excellent feedback, particularly among California-based clients. Nearly every review out of more than 2000 reviews we came across online was positive. 

Their biggest disadvantage is their overpriced packages. The entry-level package will cost you a lot but is a bare bone. You will draft your own article of organization and still miss out on vital features like the registered agent service when you opt for this package.

What are Registered Agents?

A registered agent service helps business entities to form an LLC. This is an individual authorized to receive communication from the state since the public record lists the registered agent address. They are also known as statutory agents since they receive service of process on your behalf. Their services include state filings, document preparation, and an annual report. Most individuals are trained to act as legal authorities and receive documents on behalf of your business address.

Online Registered Agent Services Pros and Cons


  1. An online registered agent can save you money and give you peace of mind. Through a phone, or email support system, they can handle all legal matters on your behalf.
  2. They act as official correspondence with the state,  receiving documents instead of your home address.
  3. An online registered agent can protect your privacy since the public record lists the address of the statutory agent and not your street address
  4. They can also protect your company reputation due to their experience in handling legal documentation
  5. An online registered agent will help your business stay on top of all state requirements including filing deadlines 


  1. Online incorporation may not provide specialized insights associated with attorneys when forming a limited liability company
  2. If you have time and capacity you can save money by starting a business entity instead of using a national registered agent service.

The Best Registered Agent Service for You?

Based on our review of registered agents, you can select one of the options that fit your needs. Zenbusiness stands out as the best-registered agent in the world. It offers affordable packages for all business types with impeccable customer care. The platform is designed for businesses on a low budget for prices in launching a business entity. The business is the best choice if you want a change of agent for an affordable price. 

In Conclusion

This registered agent review has assessed the business formation functions of different firms. The whole process of forming an LLC is cheaper and much faster if you use a registered agent service.  Most states require that businesses work with agents who can deal with important documents. These registered agents offer online help alongside the physical address to enhance the efficiency of running an LLC. If you need guidance on choosing a registered agent service, contact us for immediate help.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This is an individual authorized to receive communication from the state. They act as third-party authority between a business and the state, accepting service of process on behalf of your home address.

The prices of a registered agent depend on the company and its packages.

Working with a registered agent is the first step in forming an LLC. They perform the service of process by receiving and signing documents when running a corporation or limited liability entity.

Yes, there is an option to cancel your EIN number if you no longer need it.  Just send a letter to the IRS asking them to close your business account

Look for factors such as the formation packages,  pricing, and other additional features offered. Your choice should depend on your budget and your unique business needs.

You can search the internet and read customer reviews to find information about a registered agent service. There are numerous customer reviews on social media speaking about the reputation of a company and the quality of its offers.